Art Fibreglass Sdn Bhd
2, Jalan Rusa,
Taman Mohd Yassin,
86200 Simpang Renggam,
Johor, Malaysia.

About Us

Since its establishment, ART FIBREGLASS SDN BHD has strived to achieve a remarkable result and fantasic works in its production.
After a series of incessant and technique innovation, we scientific design with high-quality.

In the millennium with high-technology and the changing of globalization, the art of fiberglass has become an attractive ornament of our warm-modern home. With determination, we’ve created an essential new fibreglass products with professional’s choice and flawless-nature design.

It gives the place a feeling of the spaciousness and delightful mood.

Art Fibreglass Sdn Bhd always has two steps ahead from others to move faster to strive for new design and excellent products. With cares and observation, we always stand by and close to you to listen to your needs and provides an ideal room and the most comfortable time in life.

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